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Monheim’s historic town center has a huge variety of cafés, pubs, ice cream shops and restaurants for you to choose from, many with outdoor seating and cozy beer gardens, and each with their own individual atmosphere inside.

As the owners, we look forward to welcoming you to our bar, restaurant or café in Monheim am Rhein and invite you to get to know our town at its most delicious. Pay us a visit and discover a huge variety of culinary delights - there’s something for everybody in Monheim’s old town.

News from old town Monheim

Blick auf den Brunnen in der Altstadt
Der Biergarten im Zentrum der Altstadt
Blick in die Altstadt
Ein MonGuide bei einer Tour durch die Altstadt
Blick von außen auf die Marienkapelle
Zwei blaue Abdrücke von Gänsefüßen auf dem Boden